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You've questions,
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What is VastReality?

VastReality is a no-code V-commerce platform enabling merchants and creators to easily build their VR stores, reach customers and sell in the metaverse. (Read blog post for more info.)

How long does it take to build a VR store?

The good news is that you can build a VR store within minutes by using VastReality. Our team and the technology we use makes it easy and cost-efficient for brands and creators to start and develop their business in the metaverse.

How can I reach the VastReality team?

We are always happy to hear from you! For any information or inquiries or even a chat, please feel free to contact us through this form.

How would customers access my VR store?

Customers can access your VR store with or without a VR headset. The experience however changes depending on the tool they are using. Your customers with VR hardware can however share the experience with others via chat or video.

Is VastReality compatible with my VR Headset?

VastReality is compatible with Oculus, and all Headsets supported by Steam (Vive, Cosmos, Focus, Pico, etc)