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"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream we dream together is reality."

About VastReality

The story of VastReality is a work in progress

Our team is composed of numerous dreamers who want to offer customers the shopping experience they deserve. The one that eliminates borders and social limitations that we deal with through the outburst of social media. 

The way we envision shopping in Virtual Reality makes us determined to offer the best possible experience, bring together people from all over the world in one place and create an immersive environment that makes them feel emotionally connected and equally represented.

Privacy is our core value.

We are aware of the struggles both small businesses & creators go through...

in terms of capital, time and immense work to reach customers on a macroeconomic scale require lots of maintenance and patience but most importantly proper communication. Brick and mortar stores and galleries offer this aspect of social connection, a simple hello can change the narrative of the shopping experience. However, the financial and human capital required on a large scale of franchising makes it difficult to operate within one country let alone overseas. 

E-commerce on the other hand made it somehow possible to reach global audiences and depend on warehouses rather than physical stores to conduct logistical operations, which proved an increase of sales.

Our vision

Our vision is to combine both of these different experiences together by merging the social interactions found in physical stores and the ease of product placements possible through e-commerce.
Bringing a new shopping experience to life, and calling it the V-commerce. 

Brought to you by expertise and passion!

Jérôme Denis

CEO & Co-Founder

Stéphane de Boysson

Co-Founder & Chairman

Sara Bartash

Marketing Specialist

Romain Castel

XR Developer